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About Company

With a wide experience in the field of uPVC & Aluminium windows. She decided to leave a job after getting a 8 years experience in uPVC windows & then in 2019 She started her own business with the help of her husband (Mr. Kamal Gaba) at that time when they have no budget for opening their own fabrication company. So, They started their business through other vendors, & for over last several years of her dedicated effort & struggle, now in 2020 they opened a own fabrication company in Karnal City (HARYANA).


it is notjust a name,Rather it's a Comapany'aim to make a product according to client' choice,interest & satisfaction

Features of uPVC Window & Doors

  • Sound Proof
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient
  • Fire Retardant
  • Aesthetic Practical & Secure

leading upvc Doors & Windows company

Our Mission

Delivering value for money to our customers by serving them good designs & quality through reliable services.

Our Vision

We Endeavour to emerge as no. 1 player in uPVC & Aluminium windows by mutual satisfaction with customers.

Features Aluminium Windows & Doors

Great Look We may often overlook but if we take a good notice, we can observe the widespread use of Aluminium windows and window frames among modern residential or commercial properties. Any building's aesthetic appeal can be enhanced by using this material which provides great look & beauty. Aluminium window casings can come in any shading mutual to the building.

Color Choices Aluminium can be splashed with any color to coordinate a building's shading and designing. This can allow you to get a house that is a true reflection of who you are. Thinner Section with Strength Aluminium windows are also thinner than PVC because they are made from strong materials. This translates to a higher glass to frame ratio compared to uPVC frames.

Light Weight They are lightweight, and available in an array of sizes. You may wonder why you should choose UPVC for your doors and windows rather than Aluminium? UPVC is a great material to use in your house as a joinery solution. However, there are several key differences between the materials, particularly in terms of performance, cost and look.

Versatility of Aluminium is higher, and it can therefore offer customers with better choices. Homeowners who are regularly looking forward to updating the appearance of their home are now being presented with more options, especially with regard to designs.

Aluminium windows are also known for their durable yet light weight frames, slim framing, and wide range of color and handle design choices, and more contemporary window designs.

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