Arch Windows

Arch Windows

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Arch Windows

Not everyone is at ease with a typical, rectangular-shaped window, but Kotech has honed the expertise of making the ideal arched window using a specialised procedure. It can provide uPVC arch windows that are specifically designed and reinforced. facilitating your search for the ideal fit for your property./p>

Advantages of uPVC Windows

Water Tightness

uPVC Doors & Window profile absorbs water below 0.1%

Sound Insulation

The Multi-chambers offer excellent sound insulation.

Termite Proof

uPVC Doors and Windows are not affected by Termites.

Fire Resistance

uPVC Doors & Windows are difficult to ignite and fire proof.

Reason for Choosing

Quality Products
Full Insurance
Lifetime Warranty
100% Satisfaction
Expert Installer
Affortable Price


  • Designs distinctive, custom-made uPVC arch windows for you that range from very small, rounded arches to extremely broad arches. Whichever you choose, both designs bring just the appropriate amount of elegance to your room.
  • For you, design The multi-chambered frames of uPVC Arch windows help to stop heat loss and enhance thermal performance. They are available with an advanced locking and security system and have a strong, sturdy frame.
  • Extreme heat and cold, a lot of rain, and strong winds carrying corrosive sea water are all conditions that Design's for you uPVC Arch windows adapt to without losing their integrity.
  • uPVC Arch Windows constantly give excellent performance, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability thanks to strict quality control and safety regulations.
  • Design's for you has the ability to supply all varieties of arched windows effectively in accordance with the needs and requirements of your project and with a rapid turnaround time.