Casement Door

Casement Door

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Casement Door

In India, casement doors with an outward opening are the most common type of door. The casement door can be opened either inward or outward. High grade uPVC profiles are used to create Duroplast uPVC Doors. Better security and safety are ensured by the multiple locking mechanism. One of the simplest types of doors to use and highly effective are casement doors.

The choice is based on the customer's requirements, designs, and wind pressure. Whatever the series, they all accommodate all the technicalities.

Dual or single casements Doors can be used as primary entrance doors or as ancillary doors leading onto hallways, patios, or balconies. They are suited for opening-in and opening-out mode. Casement doors can be produced as standalone objects or as a component of a screen with fan lights and/or side lights, and they are available in 62 mm or 112 mm profile depth. When a clear, wide opening is sought, double doors, commonly referred to as French doors, can be utilised as an alternative to sliding patio doors.

Inventa Casement Upvc Doors Overview

The greatest worldwide brands of hardware are available for use with Inventa Casement uPVC Doors. It is a reliable and adaptable door solution for balconies because of this. It is advised against using upvc doors as swing doors since they are intended to be dust and weatherproof.

uPVC Inventa Casement Doors are not at risk of excessive deflection since the frame is firmly fastened to the wall. Glass safety can be achieved by utilising toughened or laminated glass, which is recommended for usage in 1200 m width per leaf applications. However, each french door or door with mullions must be examined individually. You can offer doors with or without thresholds. For improved acoustic and thermal performance, doors with thresholds are advised.

Advantages Of UPVC Door

Water Tightness

uPVC Doors & Window profile absorbs water below 0.1%

Sound Insulation

The Multi-chambers offer excellent sound insulation.

Termite Proof

uPVC Doors and Windows are not affected by Termites.

Fire Resistance

uPVC Doors & Windows are difficult to ignite and fire proof.

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  • Applicable to hallways and bedrooms with noisy, congested street views.
  • Performance implications for thermal and acoustic systems
  • supports large-sized fixed glass for improved visibility and lighting.
  • Prominance has created a technology that is more resistant to wind load.