Tilt and Turn Window

Tilt and Turn Window

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Tilt and Turn Window

Two (or more) horizontal sashes with rollers installed at the bottom allow for quick sideways movement on tracks in tilt-and-turn uPVC windows. They are wonderful for air circulation and panoramic vistas, and they function more quickly and easily. Sliders, a common option for modern-styled homes, provide refinement to the space while meeting all of its fenestration needs.

Design's for you uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows are stylish and adaptable, adding not only a functional value to your space but also a very upscale appearance. The tilt and turn windows have a sash that can swing inward with the hinges on the side or tilt open at an angle from the top with the hinges fixed at the bottom.

Advantages of uPVC Windows

Water Tightness

uPVC Doors & Window profile absorbs water below 0.1%

Sound Insulation

The Multi-chambers offer excellent sound insulation.

Termite Proof

uPVC Doors and Windows are not affected by Termites.

Fire Resistance

uPVC Doors & Windows are difficult to ignite and fire proof.

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  • They are remarkably simple to use. The top tilts into the room while in the "Tilt Position," improving ventilation. The window opens 180 degrees inward when it is in the 'Turn Position'. In this position, it is possible to safely and conveniently clean the window's exterior from the inside.
  • A simple to use multi-lock mechanism is included with Design's for you Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows to deter any break-ins. They are the ideal option for your space because of their adjustable opening, which provides excellent ventilation and sunshine.
  • Deign's for you Tilt & Turn uPVC windows provide the ideal blend of adjustability and affordability while allowing the maximum amount of fresh air and sunlight. Additionally, they can be connected to create bay windows.
  • uPVC windows from Design,s for you that tilt and turn are a well-liked substitute for casement windows. These windows have a dual opening system for convenience, security, and safety.
  • A lot of home owners, architects, and designers love this style of window. Along with its Design's for you Tilt and Turn uPVC windows are the way to go if you're seeking for great durability, energy efficiency, and savings.